Telling “the tale of finding love again, starting over in a new relationship” as described by the artist, Rich Campanella and the Sunrise Band debut their latest album’s title track Over and Over on the 20th of October, 2023 on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Channel 21 on Sirius XM Radio. With his solid influences and deep roots in the world of entertainment, Rich Campanella takes us on a breathtaking sonic experience. Let me tell you more about it.

Rich Campanella and the Sunrise Band’s colorful melodies and rocking groovy flow hit hard right from Over and Over’s intro, promising a swaying uplifting tune to come. Campanella’s warm vocals and detailed enjoyable guitar work dominated and set the song’s pace, casually laying bluesy licks and solos as we move forward adding different layers and textures to his laidback fluid structure. Over and Over has a chill flow with smooth dynamic shifts enriched by Campanella’s wild guitar hero moments, keeping the listeners hooked and entertained without compromising its core bright sound.

Over and Over is a solid, extremely enjoyable tune by Rich Campella and the Sunrise Band, it clearly shows his seasoned writing, top-notch musicianship, and well-knowledge of his sound and direction, as he managed to cleverly keep things interesting while keeping a simple structure. Looking forward to more from Rich Campella and the Sunrise Band, keep on rocking. Cheers!