Sometimes it gets noisy and tangled inside your head, and you just wish to get out of it, right? Well, if you’ve been trying to describe what it feels like to be trapped in your own head and can’t escape it but words keep failing you, Meat in Space’s fresh release, “Outta My Head,” will convey exactly how you’ve been feeling with its chaotic and energizing Garage sound.

“Outta My Head” is Meat in Space’s second single from the forthcoming EP. In the appealing, organic sonic mess, we witness the ingenuity of the Bay Area-based multi-instrumentalist Shawn Stedman, who is behind the solo project Meat in Space. The guitar, bass, drums, vocals, tape recording, Casio drum machines, synths, mixing, and production are all led by the multi-talented artist.

So far, I’ve referred to the song’s sound as chaotic and messy, which it is, and that’s the beauty of it. The song is well-structured, and every element is well-placed, yet it’s loose, and the overall feel is a sense of distortion. It kind of sounds like a human’s muddled mind, but in a better form, because I bet your head doesn’t have this killer musicality, does it?

Every component of the song complements the message; the gritty, determined vocals, the crispy, energetic riffs, the dynamic, head-banging drums, the dense bassline, and the coherent production all shine together and align to offer a heavy, engaging Garage-Rock flair with a 90’s influence and futuristic execution, making the only idea hovering in your head is “wow, what a distinct sonic bang!”

“I genuinely hope this song gets people out of their head. It’s a message I myself need, and hopefully can be medicine for others.” Stedman stated, and I believe in one way or another, that this is what really happens. Whether it’s the chorus’ passionate “Outta My Head” or the hooking, distorted instrumentation, you get immersed until they shush all the voices and you hear nothing but them in your head.

So if you’re looking for a way out of your head, “Outta My Head” below is what you need.