Last Month the Egyptian Nu Metal Band Outcast 44 released a new single entitled ‘Unholy Righteousness’ featuring Tareq Al Tohamy. Outcast 44 is the first Nu Metal in Egypt. It was formed back in 2014 by 2 of the most known vocalist in the Egyptian Metal Scene: Sayed Ragai from Sinprophecy and Morka Asyl and Zander Adam from Destiny of Chains and Hecate.

When I first listened to the track, I’ve sensed that it’s somehow strange; it’s full of industrial/symphonic effects in music and vocals. It’s full of anger and hatred. The theme of the music is the fight between the devil and human, that’s why you will feel that the strength of the vocals is not stable, there is sneaking, brutal, spoken and clean vocals to reflect this devilish atmosphere. In min 4:10, there is a clean keys part which gives you, somehow a “nocturnal” sense.

I don’t know why this track reminds me of Linkin Park. Outcast 44 music is somehow different and new for the tastes in the Egyptian Metal Scene, maybe because I am somehow fan for “strangeness”?

I liked the track very much and I think this band will manage to prove its presence in the scene, especially that Ragai, Adam and Al Tohamy are real music lovers and their talent, experience and professionalism will eventually lead them to do something great.

Edited by: NJ Bakr