OutCast 44 is a new Nu Metal/Electronic/Hardcore band formed by two of the most well-known vocalists in Egypt, Sayed Ragai and Zandar Adam.
OutCast is not the first band which gathered Sayed and Zandar, they gathered before in Prophecy In Chains and they performed together live. Before we start talking about the track, Rock Era Magazine had the chance to interview Zandar Adam and Sayed Ragai to talk about their band…

“Hardcore, Nu Metal and Electronic”. Why did you choose this genre although you know that most Egyptian MetalHeads don’t aceept this taste?
Well, simply ’cause this is the music that we started to listen to at the begining of the 2000’s, and we were really into it, so you can say it’s more like going back to our origins, as we are trying to make this music come back to life. Talking about the Egyptian Metalheads taste, we can say that it’s immpossible to gather all the metalheads to like what you introduce in your music, not here or anywhere, because simply music is about different tastes and feelings.

What is your message through OutCast 44’s first single ‘As The Days Passed’?
‘As The Days Passed’ is talking about how a person can waste his/her life on nothing as time slips away from his/her hands and sometimes without even noticing until they reach a certain point .

Do you want to change the status of the Hardcore and Nu Metal bands in Egypt?
Yeah, we hope so, and we would be really glad if we succeed.

Talk more about the music of the first track, how did your feelings affect OutCast 44’s output?
Actually they affect a lot, as the music and the lyrics are based on our own experinces in life, and that will be revealed soon on our upcoming work.

What was the feedback you have received till now?
It was really ok since we are talking about only a single track, and it’s a bit to early to collect all the feedbacks that we guess it will be coming later when more stuff released, but so far so good.

What’s your next step?

As we said before, we are working on our full length album which is gonna be under the title Behind The Curtain and it will include 10 tracks. We’re gonna release another single from it by the next month, so stay tuned!

And at the end we would like to give a special thanks for Rock Era Magazine for their efforts and specially Ms. Rana Atef!

Now, let’s talk about the track. ‘As the Days Passed’ was really good stuff to come out from Egyptian Minds. Another concept of anger came out with a rare music genre in Egypt. You can feel the essence of the known Nu Metal/Hardcore bands which were the gate for many fans to shift to Metal music. When I heard that Sayed and Zandar formed a new band, I noticed one thing, the variety of the vocals through the band’s work. I liked the anger and hatred in the vocals and music. For sure, the electronic touches were clear, it was mixed in a good way with the rest of the instruments. Guitar melodies were effective and strong. I think that OutCast 44 is a great new addition to our scene. In fact, I highly expect that some Egyptian metalheads will express some negative comments because OutCast 44 is a Nu Metal and Hardcore band, which is illogical because most Egyptian metalheads or the “new generation” of Egyptian metalheads listened to Metal after listening to bands like Linkin Park, Evanescence, Bullet For My Valentine, and others, bands that mix between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, AKA Nu Metal bands. Rated for me at 9.5, I highly recommend this track to you, so listen to it and support OutCast 44!

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Jailan El-Rafie