Artwork by Matt Raitt

GROWERS are a four-piece pop punk band from Toronto, Canada, known for their upbeat original material and high energy live shows.

Their song “17 Cigarettes” (APR 21) was inspired by the struggle of getting older, especially in your late teen years. Transitioning from being a kid, to having a bit more responsibility and independence is tough. Having a moment to contemplate these thoughts over a cigarette break is what the song is about. 

As you’re taking a long drag, maybe you’re thinking about all the important choices you have ahead of you – where you might go to school, if you’ll find work, and what sort of impact those choices will have on the course of your life. It’s hard not to think about potential regrets, and how much you will eventually change as the years pass by. 

In support of their upcoming CRYBABY EP, GROWERS will be heading back on tour throughout the summer of 2023, consisting of dates in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Kingston, Hamilton, and Guelph. GROWERS will also be performing at NXNE and CMW 2023. 

Listen to “17 Cigarettes” here

Press via Auteur Research