With their heartfelt melodies and punk-influenced riffs, Tired of Fighting are back with their new single Out of the Forest that’s out on the 2nd of April 2023. Out of the Forest is a heavy tune lyrically and musically, and as it tackles having to deal with close one’s suicide, let’s dig deeper into it together.

Tired of Fighting opened Out of the Forest with a punk-ish energetic riff powered by their heavy jazzy drumming, before smoothly taking us into an emotionally packed verse with touching vocals and beautifully flowing riffs. It has a subtle consistent groove with a big heartfelt sound that when mixed with its heavy sound, hits deep down creating a state of emotional cleansing. It’s pretty clear that Tired of Fighting are taking their music writing to the next level on Out of the Forest, with an extremely dynamic structure and amazingly layered seamless shifts that keep the listener on board from the beginning till the end, adding to that their musicianship and good command of their instruments that produced such rich, interesting tune with powerful guitar work, insane drumlines, deep groovy bass, and strong expressive vocals. 

Out of the Forest is another gem delivered by Tired of Fighting, it shows that those guys are here to stay and most importantly, are always moving forward. Will be looking forward to more from you guys, keep on rocking!