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Indie artist Bonze will release a new alternative pop rock track “Out Of My Hands” on the 10th of February from London, United Kingdom.

Bonze’s upcoming offering “Out Of My Hands” is out of the ordinary for the artist. Previous releases by Bonze have had electronic experimentation at the forefront, such as “(mercedes)” which I talked about before in a review. However, this newest single, his first in 2023, goes in a slightly different direction.

Starting with ambient guitars in a more alt rock direction, Bonze describes “Out Of My Hands” as the track that feels most like himself out of all his releases. It was co-written by Bonze and Fred Clough, and premiered by BBC Introducing London.

“Out Of My Hands” is about an intrinsically human issue, one of control, order, and chaos. The song is themed around things that fall beyond our control, which may be in the realm of the personal, the social, or the global, all depending on how you interpret it. Learning to accept what we cannot change due to circumstances beyond our control is an integral part of our individual growth. This is part of the message Bonze describes in his upcoming song.

Being a daytime trained psychotherapist might be the influence on Bonze to write on such deeply human issues. It’s a wonder why we don’t see more psychology and psychotherapy experts in the fields of the arts!