Bob Sweeney

Tyler Elsen released a sorrowful song that denotes his beautiful and sensitive spirit called ‘Our good name’ all the way from New Jersey, US, on the 30th of December. This song is collab between Tyler and Katie of the Philadelphia-based indie rock collective, and producer Matt Weber. He has a constant monthly singles collection. 

This song is highly emotional and will string a chord of tears in your eyes as soon as you listen to it. It’s about the downtrodden story of a family being cast out of their community and the future of an unborn child. With such a heavy topic, you should expect a gloomy and dark tune. It is somehow, but with soft edges and lots of deep melancholia. The overall sound of the song is your typical 90’s rock, not very intense and not very mellow. It’s the perfect balance between soft and intense. The soundscape is a slow rock with a very intense electric guitar riff that sounds like it’s screaming or trying to tell us something important. There is a mix of drums and textured backing guitar notes. The vocals are deep and very into the feelings of despair and being hopeless. You must give this song a listen for a fresh breeze of rock.