With years of experience with post-punk band Native Tongue and solid roots in rock, seasoned musicians Lee Leffler (guitars/keyboards/vocals/lyrics) and Michael Frackleton (drums/bass/percussions/vocals/lyrics) decided to join forces and create the duo Dream of a Man in a Top Hat. Mixing their love for pursuing new sounds and technologies with their old-school influences, the duo released an EP and a full length that gained a lot of positive reviews, and starting in 2022 they decided to release a series of singles and we’ll be reviewing their latest “Opposite Poles” that was released on the 23rd of September, 2022. So let’s see how it goes,

“Opposite Poles” is a truly diverse single with loads of influences and vibes all fused together into a stream of pure rock n roll. It has a punkish raw production with an unmistakable psychedelic sound and structure, and pure classic rock bluesy guitars. Its dominant groove will keep you hooked throughout the whole 3:15 minutes while the well-layered vocals and guitar tone and effects provided the psychedelic layer. The jazzy drumming kept the beat interesting and enjoyable and that subtle bassline pushed it even more into the front. 

“Opposite Poles” shows Dream of a Man in a Top Hat’s consistent will in chasing sounds and effects and their skill in mixing them with their own roots. They can easily create an organic structure that feels natural and results in a solid well-connected song with fluid smooth melodies and dynamics. Looking forward to more from Dream of a Man in a Top Hat, cheers!