An artist rising from the days of quarantine, “Vince Chinaski” putting his favorite tunes of pop rock in his tracks. A deep smooth voice that will dive you into his world of artistic nature. An upcoming track “Opportunities” comes out with its official video that contains nostalgic and natural clips of our world and its nature.

“Opportunities” is a crossing, on a boat rolling on the waves of an orchestral/pop-rock arrangement rich in details and surprises. A wishful journey through despair, tragedy, expectation, and hope.” Vince introduces us to this piece with what the journey in the video will get us through. 

Listening thoroughly to this, the music and its orchestral rock tunes turn your head spinning to this piece. The lyrics are what you carefully should listen to music that will stimulate your imagination and help the artist link their ideas to yours.

Vince has an awesome imagination and naturally, the ideas seem to pop up from his mind with melodious music and beautiful songwriting. The songs he produces are the right mood on the boat or lying on a green land with the warm sun and “Opportunities” plays in the background and butterflies around. 

It gives the perfect scene for this song to be placed in a movie with a beautiful ending. Interesting music that goes on in his tracks will get you enthusiastic for each release that he will come out with in the future.