Opeth was formed in 1990 and is still bringing us great music today. Every album seems to compete for dominance with the previous release, they play many styles and succeed in all of them; the new album’s style is a masterpiece in some way. Opeth makes all their albums great, and I enjoy all the different styles from the band. In a few months Opeth will turn 30, do you believe that? Now, let’s move to my review of the new album, and I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

“Garden of Earthly Delights” beginning reminded me of the Scala and Kolacny Brothers cover of Rammstein’s“Engel” In an advanced way, and that proves its success, that it’s not just letting you enjoy it, but also making you recall something you liked. Moving to onward with “Dignity” you can start head banging from the first second, and get out some of your evil power screaming with it!

At 1:14 is a great guitar solo, the start of it reminded me of “Sweet child of Mine” by Guns ‘N Roses before switching back to acoustic guitar. At 2:04 which is a great mood switching device, a sweet voice start singing quietly, back to the main mood at 3:28 with hard head banging again! 4:32 says congratulations and I’m saying congratulations on that great album! Nice scream at 5:03, hell yeah Opeth we’re all waiting for darkness! After that laughs that started at 6:16, I wanted to say “Master of Puppets”! “Dignity” is my most favourite track and the best-performed track as for me.

Now it’s time to move to “Heart in Hand” also great to start with headbanging looking for instant enjoyment? from 2:11 to 2:31, that was fast, isn’t it? Now continue headbanging while singing with him, have you seen that? From 3:22 to 3:29, I loved the acoustic hoarseness which can be found from 5:47 to 5:59 and so on, then how the mood of the song changed completely by 6:21. Moving to Next of Kin” reminds me of “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio closing in the first seconds. Then Opeth came in nicely, with an acoustic starting at 1:44 and is one of the best guitar sequences that they’ve done in their life. I enjoy that solo at 4:43, good overall but not the best.

Moving to “Lovelorn Crime,” which is full of energy. This energy doesn’t come by screaming only, but through the great music, lyrics and the execution! It ends with more than a great solo one that makes me recall Pink Floyd’s“Comfortably Numb” With “Lovelorn Crime” all that you will need to do is close your eyes while listening to it, helping you to get in the mood, dude!

Moving to “Charlatan” for me making an album review is something rare but when it came to Opeth I said hell yeah handle that task to me, as I knew that that album is going to be a masterpiece, met my expectations exactly; especially “Charlatan”! This is the real metal, if you don’t consider it like that, you may need to rethink your priorities! That song dares you to not headbang. Moving to “Universal Truth,” Is it a rollercoaster? Acoustic, orchestration what else do you need before dying. Some people said that it’s going to be hard on Opeth to come up with another great album again after these years of existence, but I think that we’re not going to see these people again after listening to this great album.

Moving to “The Garroter” and to be honest, I didn’t like this one much, so let’s see people’s opinion regarding it: “This is not Opeth. Could be a Side project of Åkerfeldt’s Opeth is whatever they want to be without a care of what fans want and yet I love every album,” “Making your point dumb and invalid.”
Moving “Continuum” got back to the good mood with its intro. 1:33 in, and at that moment I knew something was going to happen, this song is as good as its sisters in the same album want to hear something good? 3:24 reminds me of Overkill Necroshine, that’s more than great! I just need you to know that I’m writing the review while listening to the album, so hell yeah, that’s what I feel for real! Inner peace 4:50 to end with a special gift starts at 7:14.

Moving to “All Things Will Pass” one of the best lyrics that he has written, and Mikael’s vocals in this album is great. “All Things Will Pass” is great in the same way as “Continuum” many people agree with me on that and loved the lyrics. Opeth is not death metal only, they can handle anything they wish, and I’m very glad to see the top-level fans commenting on it! I like that style at 5:51, what about you? If not, look at that legendary part at 6:30. We can also mention that the usage of the piano in that song was done in a great way Personally, I’ll be waiting more and more in the future, and if there’ll not be, what was done till now us enough to enjoy it the rest of our life.


Edited by: TC Mayhem