“Open Up the Sky” is a reflection. As simple as that. It could be used as an allegory to what the band members had in mind -i.e. failed relationships- but also a shout into the void, an epitome of sadness and misery, a reminisce using electric guitar sounds and breathy vocals to lament lost times and look up to other worlds. This is a stoner rock track at heart combining great riffs, bluesy licks, punky vocals, and hard rock. It’s a testament to Another Black Day’s school of rock faithfulness to the originality of the genre without losing their modern charm.
Fans of metal that are not for the metalheads will easily fall in love with “Open Up the Sky”. As for the hardcore metal fans? They’re gonna hail it as one of the latest great merges of metal/rock’n’roll sounds they’ve heard in the past years. Another Black Day has proven itself as a force not to be messed with.


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Jaylan Salah