People give motivating speeches all the time, even if they don’t believe in them, until it becomes cliched. You must have the spark of hope inside you to provide hope; you must be a true believer. That’s why you can’t help but trust John Long‘s sincere vocals and passionate lyrics when he sings “Only Limit is You.”

Music has the ability to offer people hope and to stand by them when no one else will. However, not all kinds of music are capable of doing so; only truly gifted musicians are capable of creating moving music, of turning their life experiences into beautiful art, and of sharing both bright and dark times with others. The talented artist John Long’s song “Only Limit Is You” has the ability to touch and motivate your spirit, giving you an honest message to believe that we all have ups and downs and that you just have to break through your limitations, stop listening to people who tell you that you won’t make it, and always believe that if your goal is to go up into the sky, you just have to believe that you can fly and you will! Also, the poetic lyrics pay tribute to the kind of loving families who are always there for their members and have their backs, which, in my opinion, is your blood-bonded family or the family you built for yourself out of people you love.

Trying to convey a powerful message solely through lyrics will not be enough, which is why John’s singing takes the lead with his beautiful, honest, and passionate vocals that make you believe every word he says. What ties everything together, aside from the vocals and lyrics, is upbeat indie pop music with folk vibes that will not only stir your heart, but also your body, and make you eager to break all the limits.

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Viola Karmy


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