British instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Hugh Ruiz Robert, or as he’s known as Ruiz, is once again banging our heads with a new tune we can’t stop, called “One Rule” bringing its beats from post-punk music with great sound effects.

In “One Rule” Ruiz focused on making music based on high-quality subjective soundscapes with clever and engaging electronic structures and exciting rocker grooves.

The opening leads us to heavy drum and strong bass, with a mixture of musical element sounds until we reach Ruiz’s choppy lows and highs, which in the song turn cryptic and in some areas return to normal, as the song continues its way towards the end on the guitar strings. And this electronic sound locks it.

This song is an anti-government, political, and musical manifesto, contradicting in its words the reality of living in which the majority cannot move their lives forward or even continue to live where they belong, while the rich continue to get rich.

Ruiz says “One Rule” that it is a song inspired by the behavior of Prime Minister Boris Johnson at this time during the lockdown, the lies and problems caused by a lack of freedom, and it serves to indict narcissists, corrupt leaders, and governments. Because at the end of our days on planet Earth we are left with nothing but our souls and if it can be recycled is it worth anything?

Ruiz is an adventurous artist who enjoys experimenting with music tracks and always tries to raise our expectations of him, and in my opinion “One Rule” is a great song that reflects his artistic maturity. I hope you like it.