‘One Night Stand’ is a song about the current, most common adult way to get together and have fun—that moment of vulnerability and pure bliss that happens over a one night, one-time basis with strangers.

The following day’s regrets and funny, not-so-funny anecdotes, an ode to indulgence by Mike Stoyanov.

The highlight about it? That it is all served on a bold and unapologetic Rock ‘n’ Roll gold plater.

“My sound just punches you in the face, man and forces you to submit.” –Mike Stoyanov.

The intro guitar already sets up the mood, stating what the sound of this track is all about. Then, the vocals break in, scratchy and Bluesy. 

Sounding like someone daring, performing their usual ritual, almost as if they didn’t need to get smashed to be confident about what they were there to do.

Throughout the rest of the song, the melody is defiant. Upbeat, fast, the intruments play out together loud and clear.

Mike is an Indie/ Rock artist from London whose work finds inspiration from Oasis, The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. His music is a powerful explosion of raw energy which he uses to speak up his mind.

He has been in several Rock and Blues bands throughout the years, but in 2020, with the

pandemic and all, was the year when he decided that the time was right to start

his solo career.

‘One Night Stand’ has its appeal because it doesn’t hide behind a romanticised idea of meeting ‘the one’ on a random night out. Instead, it is a clear, unfiltered tune that stays loyal to the classic Rock ‘n’ Roll sound.