This has to be said, Bone Cult are doing something out of this world, they are crafting electronic, industrial metal, alternative dark wave songs and music…wrap your head around that. This is one of the freshest sounds I’ve heard in quite some time…and their new song “One By One” is here to solidify their status as pioneers.

Bone Cult are a UK based duo that makes this kind of genre-bending musical experience and they are not afraid to explore uncharted musical territories at all…in fact, they go there and create something very new and fresh while being accessible to the masses.

Their latest single “One By One” is both a musical and visual experience, because they released it along with a music video…a very appropriate visually striking experience that goes hand in hand with they musical energy.

“One By One” is what happens when you play metal riffs with heavy synths and add beats…the song structure in itself is super accessible…the riffs, catchy and tight…the beats, drives you forward…the vocals are futuristically processed in a very unique and charismatic approach.

The synths in “One By One” sound amazing…the beats are perfectly balanced between unique time signatures while being accessible…the whole production is top notch.

The music video also captures the essence of “One By One” with a heavy color contrast, light shows, smoke and super fast editing in the fast paced moments of the song…and let’s not forget Bone Cult’s iconic face masks, which is also a part of their identity and brand.


We can’t wait what the musical duo will bring to the table…but we’re sure it’s going to be big.

Bone Cult, we wish you all the best in life, you deserve it…and a lot more.