Omeima khalil has this oozing warmth in her voice that takes us back to the golden era of “Tarab” music, when music had the power to make one’s mind travel to worlds of fantasia inspired from the music.

Omeima has come a long way since her debut start in Al Mayadeen band, and her duets with Lebanese singer and Icon Marsel Khalifa.

The diverse songs; with well-chosen lyrics and Omeima‘s deep voice, makes her album Ya worth listening to; for there is the fast paced music in her song ‘Ayam’ permeated by Tableh beats, a fusion between what’s oriental and what’s western only with an oriental predominant flavor. There is also the slow paced music in the song ‘Daret el kahweh’ with the melodies of the Oud and the piping nightingale voice of Omeima as she sings of her broken cup.

There is the happy, mood lifting music as in ‘Ya helw’ and the fun music melodic “Tarab” music as in ‘Ya seedy’.

Omeima‘s voice has that quality, and that effect that could pull you in to listen, like a good book pulls you in to read, after having your eyes read the very first sentence.

Riham Adly