French blues rock band FOLSOM released a new riffing single “Old Pop’s Truck” on the 16th of March.

FOLSOM is a heavy blues rock band from France that formed a decade ago in 2013, with four members; vocalist and guitarist Peter Cattet, lead guitarist Florian Garcin, bassist Theo Defranoux, and the man-on-stick duty drummer Leo Flank.

FOLSOM’s latest single “Old Pop’s Truck” is a riffing, grooving blues rock track with tons of character and epic distorted guitar licks.

Peter Cattet’s massive growling vocals give the song its core identity, with the soul of the instrumentation in “Old Pop’s Truck”. Simple, easy-to-follow sung melodies are delivered with so much passion that is absolutely iconic of the blues.

The track is not short on shredding and melodic guitar solos and drum solos, and even trading solos with the bass if that’s your kind of thing, and why in the world wouldn’t it be?

About halfway through the track the tempo really picks up and gets even heavier and more exciting. On the first listen, I had to check to see if I was even listening to the same song. 

“Old Pop’s Truck” is absolutely full of tasty blues and interesting musical ideas that take inspiration from a wide-spanning time period.