This third track puts our musical talents on full display. “Old Council” is a proper Alt-Country song that takes you through Isle7’s talent.

Orlando, Florida-based band has released three of a collection of 10 songs under the same name, “Old Council”. 

Compared to the other two released songs, “Beeline” and “Spotlight”, the third song and track name is pure country.

The intro sound effect of some sort of train moving gives it a retro style. Then after a few seconds, the music begins to play with a guitar taking the lead, and you find yourself taking a mental road trip with beautiful landscapes of your own recollection.

On the other hand, “Old Council” has a very special outro, a choir singing along with the chorus fading away.

The lyrics are melancholic yet sweet and wholesome like someone is telling the story of the town where they grew up and now work as a miner. Sharing what matters to them, describing their loved ones and expressing their emotions and thoughts from what they learned at their work.

All in all, Isle7 has proven with this song and probably eventually with the whole 10 songs that they know their true path, and they know how to put their talent to good use and turn it into art.

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