“Oh Weh Ha” has that distinguishable old-school punk vibe. Think The Stooges meeting Sex Pistols but with a touch of modernity. The song itself is a celebratory rock track that provokes, cheers, and demands attention. Heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals from frontman Walt Novak make the song an undeniable sensation, one that would make crowds go wild with anticipation. Described as a band that opened eyes and ears to the resurgence of rock, SickWalt aim higher with “Oh Weh Ha”, and the track
“Oh Weh Ha” captures all blood, sweat, and arrogance of hard rock. SickWalt’s vocals and guitars are unabashed, unapologetic in the band’s celebration of the spirit of life and what it means to be a hard-rocking musician in this modern society. Despite the genre suffering a massive blow of disruption from lack of guidance, commitment to the art, and boldness by many bands on the scene, that’s not the case with SickWalt. With the forthcoming EP MAXXED to be released ASAP, SickWalt is reinventing what it takes to be a blue rock/alt-rock band in this time and era.

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Jaylan Salah