Predicting the Ukranian resistance against Russia’s invasion, singer/songwriter Clay Joule wrote his single O’Dream in his farmhouse studio on February 2022. He invited the Ukrainian guitarist Alex Gusinsky to take a part in O’Dream in early March 2022, and he bravely did such an amazing job amidst all the terror and destruction, let me tell you more about it.

Clay Joule opened O’Dream with a dreamy bluesy melody that promises a bright sound and uplifting vibes. He tuned things down a bit in the verse while maintaining his open sound, leading a smooth progression that softly takes the listener to a catchy melodic chorus. The guitar work on O’Dream is amazing, laying some licks and solos as the song progresses, solidifying its melodic approach and chill mood. O’Dream has a well-crafted structure with a subtle groovy pace and a solid progression that kept on pushing it toward a bigger and more complex zone as it moved forward, with an expressive vocal melody that kept its sound authentic. 

Clay Joule‘s O’Dream is a warm tune with an organic flow that carries you through its dynamic ups and downs. With bold writing and clever arrangements, Clay Joule managed to artistically deliver his message loud and clear in an interestingly clever way, producing a piece that’ll be revisited by his fans over and over again. Looking forward to more from Clay Joule, keep on rocking. Cheers!