Debuting earlier this year, Octavia is a musical project spawned after a five-year hiatus due to mental health. The artist now brings more energy and thematic thought than ever before, forming a sound and identity influenced by ’90s grunge and alternative rock. A contemporary twist on an era many would like to relive, Octavia conquers her demons and shares her music with the world.

Octavia is back! Her latest single ‘9 TO 5’ is powerful from the opening moments, her grunge influences on full showcases with raw distorted guitars filling the atmosphere around a pained and thoughtful vocal that speaks to rebellion and frustration. Firing into the chorus the drums begin to roar, the riffs become more intense and her vocals begin to fall into unbridled fierceness, this ebb and flow of controlled protest and high-octane fury is an aggressive listening experience, but it so easily injects the same energy in the audience.

”Five years ago, amidst the confines of my college dorm room,” Octavia shares, “I penned the lyrics to this song. At the time, I found myself immersed in the music of Nirvana, their raw energy sparked a creative fire within me. As graduation approached, with the looming prospect of entering the conventional workforce, a wave of resistance surged through me. Thus, ‘9 to 5’ was born—a melodic rebellion against conformity and a testament to the refusal to succumb to the status quo.”

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