Jim Louvau

“Inspired by an out of body experience I had while being crushed by a car at 100mph. I somehow survived, but during the traumatic experience of getting hit, I felt like I was floating in space and trapped in the aura of an alien-like state.” –Jordan White.

“Ocean Creatures” combines Grunge and Hard Rock genres to deliver a melody that adds an extraterrestrial vibe. 

The intro with the guitar sets the melancholic tone and beautifully carries it across the song. The drums play along with the music with a beat that playfully raises our heartbeat here and there.

The vocals clearly pronounce every word, making each line emotionally relatable. The instruments quiet down when Jordan’s voice sings along, except in the chorus of the lyrics, where all instruments come together with the vocals and make a Big Bang-like galactic explosion of all the right sounds.

They are natural rockin’, shooting stars on the rise, and we look forward to seeing what they create next. Meanwhile, don’t miss out on watching their latest music video for “Ocean Creatures”

The aesthetics of this music video mixes hues of blue with glitches, making the viewer perceive the sea and space simultaneously before even knowing what the song is about.The Phoenix-based band has an average of 200-300K streams per song on Spotify and over 21K followers currently on Instagram. For more, you can also find their music on Soundcloud and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to receive further news.