Drawing inspiration from mental health struggles and how they affect relationships, Australian rockers Annakye are dropping their 3rd single Ocean on the 13th of October 2023. Mixed and mastered by Brent Kolatalo (Drake, Lady Gaga), Ocean offers a different perspective to Annakye‘s sound and marks another step forward in their path. Let me tell you more about it.

Annakye‘s slow heavy riff right at Ocean‘s opener instantly grabs the listeners by the ears, leading to a mood-setting verse with dark subtle vibes. It smoothly builds up to a catchy hard-hitting chorus that heavily boosts the song’s dynamics, with Annakye coming all together blasting insanely energetic drums, heavy fluid riffing, and significantly engaging vocal melody. Ocean has a pretty interesting structure, it cleverly navigates between sound shifts seamlessly, taking the listeners on an entertaining journey through its unpredictable twists and turns and irresistible energetic flow. Annakye‘s fresh organic sound shines brightly throughout Ocean‘s arrangement and dynamics, setting up their multi-layered melodies in a powerful stream with headbanging moments and emotional ones all together in one solid structure. 

Ocean is a well-written and arranged tune by Annakye that clearly shows their writing skills and musicianship, they managed to create such a catchy tune without compromising their mood or sound, producing a catchy powerful piece that would appeal to a wide range of audiences. I will be looking forward to more from Annakye, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!