Chris Morgan

Arrays is the brain child of Auckland Musician/Producer JP Carroll. JP has studied music recording, production and industry as well as fronting hard rock band Swerve City and a former member of Armed in Advance who supported Drowning Pool, P.O.D and Skillet. JP production skills was appreciated by NZ rock charts in which he earned a place among its to 40 as well as named as a “one to watch” by the NZ official music charts. JP is about to drop Arrays’ 3rd record “Patience Away” which is meant to expand his project sound and heaviness an take it to another level as we’ll see in his 1st single off the record “Obsidian Oceans” that we’ll be reviewing right away.

1st of all let’s admit that JP has an amazing sense of melody, riffs and most important, hooks. “Obsidian Oceans” is one hell of a dynamic, catchy song full of melody from the very beginning with that heavy melodic intro till that banger outro. I can feel the intensity of the lyrics clearly reflected on the whole song, it’s in the very dynamic vocal melody that changes giving remarkable hooks in every part specially at the bridge and that scream towards the end sent me headbanging all over my living room, you’ll feel the intenisty in the interesting structure of the song that keeps on building and progressing getting heavier till the end and adding that banger interlude around min 2:10 as pretty awesome.

Honestly, I think “Obsidian Oceans” is one of the best songs I’ve listened too so far this year and it promises a heavy and well-crafted record by Arrays. It has its very own identity that I can’t say that I’ve heard something like it before, I can say it was influenced by who and whom but, I feel JP has taken all his influences and made his own thing. Looking forward for the release of “Patience Away” and for more from Arrays. Cheers.

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