You’re gonna have to brace yourselves as Sadie Nix released a beautifully sad song that is definitely too relatable to all the lovers out there. Dropped on the 3rd of February, this song is the 3rd single from her debut album, and a rock tune with pop elements  that make the song softer  for the listeners, and is a potential pop hit. Sadie is a songwriter and singer based in Brighton, UK, with a music approach that hopes to bring real and raw stories to the light, with a high level of connection with the people. Sadie started her music career at the current age of 38, which brings a totally different perspective to music from her experience. Some of her inspirations include Taylor Swift, The Cure and Prince. 

Laying on a beautiful bed of a piano melody and adorned in acoustic guitar that is light and heartfelt, the song is all about the hardships of an incomplete love or what we may call it now a situationship that ends without quite getting anywhere which leaves you with so many what ifs. The overall sound of the song is sad and melancholic lyrical and the rock events definitely kicks up these feelings, but it is still a mellow tune. The musical arrangement is simple, with the piano melody, acoustic guitar, and some drums that spice up the song. There are also some shaking sound effects and electric guitar notes at the end of the song. There is a huge focus on the powerful vocals of Sadie, which are very raw, open and really out there with all the pain inside.  Check out this song and stay in line for the debut of this album!