Who among us has not asked what is the meaning of humanity? In particular, are you and I good people? A very important question has been asked by the impressively talented  Vancouver Island rock act, Signal Static. Well, let’s find a response together… 

‘Objects of Affection’,  stressing on this point and people who are playing it smart to abuse others in a relationship. Well, who wasn’t in a situation like this before? Aren’t we all faced with such abuse at least once in our lives? 

Signal Static is a talented rock trio including Ryan Stringer (Lead Vocals – Bass), Gino Klein (Guitars – Vocals), and Randy Camponi (Drums – Vocals). The main point of being attached to this track is that it’s like a merge between many bands together, yes, it includes elements of Tool, Muse, Queen of the Stone Age among others indeed. These dudes are doing an incredible mix of hard rock, punk, and alternative and merged these styles with metal, grunge and electronic. This impressive harmony and tightness between the three of them I couldn’t find in any rock trio in 2022 so far. I highly recommend that you watch the music video, I believe that the direction of Ryan was a great fit for the track’s idea. In fact, I should give credits for the video constitution and editing by Martin Wrigsjö, because I loved the sequences and the cuts of the visuals within the music, and of course, the filming and set production process by Pamela Stringer was a huge factor for the success of this video clip. 

I believe that Signal Static are a great example of the term ‘short and sweet,’ because they were capable of delivering their idea in only 3 minutes and delivering a track that contains perfect aspects from all directions. In which, I find many bands lacking to do this nowadays indeed, although they have a huge budget for production. Well done, guys! I cannot wait for your next release. Keep rockin’