Barry Pirkola

A new dash of classic country music, 3 minutes 40 seconds, forces you to dance and imagine yourself inside a Kettle River USA bar where singer Tony Don Tracy descends, shoes jumping and rising off the ground to loud applause.

“Number One Fool” puts you inside a country-style bar, decorated in wood; tables, floor, and ceiling; ox horns on the walls; and many bottles of liquor. And outside, there’s a dry mud floor, a dog lying in the shade, sheltering from the glare of the sun, and many cowboy hats.

The Alt-Country piece, “Number One Fool,” was created with a genre that can never die. Its dance rhythm is always uplifting and fun, and everyone can enjoy it. Whether you like it or not, the guitar, drums, mandolin, and vocals push you through the melody in order to move your body.

Tony Don Tracy’s latest single, “Number One Fool,” is for the sake of love. As he stated, “We’re all stupid when we fall back into the arms of the people we love all over again.” To have this outstanding track, Tracy worked with King’s Rest Records and featured Thomas Rhett’s former guitar player, Eric Borash.

You can play Don Tracy’s music anytime while you’re doing your work or whatever, and it’s better if you play it at a party that will turn up the atmosphere, so make sure you put “Number One Fool” into your playlist.