Anna-Sophia John

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” I was reminded of this quote from the English writer, George Bernard Shaw, when I heard Hector Cottam, of Scottish descent and currently based in London, performing his latest song, “Now You’ve Gone,” specifically in the segment “Because you’re not coming back, it’s a one-time thing, you’re a human being.”

It’s a fact that we can’t forget that we humans grow and die, but Hector invites us through his song to love life and do what we want. We take on new experiences and are not afraid to feel afraid. All without looking at age because if we get old, or in other words, if our souls get old, we can’t get them back, as we are not here for long.

“Now You’ve Gone” is a human entity that attracts you with its words from your steadfast interior to a renewed present, charged with passion and love of life. These are the ideas that Hector emphasizes and articulates in the tunes of the Indie Pop-Rock Pop he plays, to encourage you not to live your last days surrounded by a heap of regrets. So be yourself and surrender to the magic of life and live with an open heart.

The way Hector sings in this song is sincere because it stems from his sense of the words. He has a long experience in writing, more than 10 years, so his feelings and thoughts will reach you directly without trouble, and then you will not hesitate to add them to your playlist that encourages you to experiment and love life. And it’s okay to try to hear it in the acoustic version because I liked it too.

Edited by: Viola Karmy