Novagolde is an American space rock music group who just released new self-titled EP and produced by Mark Whitcomb.

The EP includes four tracks and they are: “Chain Reaction”, “Jail”, “Next Time I’ll Survive”, and “Bloodfall.” When you check the music you will find its a combine between the 90’s and the modern days which delivers an interesting indie space rock atmosphere. Also their statement for the album revealed the main themes for the music and lyrics; “We created this ep with a common desire to write about the impact of changing times, loss, and a desire to escape.”

Harmonies and melodies are pretty obvious within their music, and I like the singing technique really in all songs. In addition, the guitar effects are well chosen really. It’s obvious the tightness between the bass and drums here, which completes the picture in each single song.

Novagolde are Michael Bonebrake, Lee Chato, Craig Michaels, and Jon Paul. They did a really nice job and I am hoping for a full-length very soon. I believe that Novagolde would be one of the promising space rock in the music industry.