Los Angeles-based artist Bel-la recently released her first single, “Nothing’s gonna get you back”. A beautiful ethereal song about loss. This song was recorded via BluRoc records in LA. 

At first, listen, I couldn’t help but notice similarities to Mazzy Star, both with the lyrics and vocals! I also loved the music video for the single, it was so dream-like and reflective, with beautiful visuals that just make you ponder, it’s very apparent how Bella gets her inspirations from dreams and visions with a beautiful music video like this. Though it’s supposed to be a sad song, I like how the beat is upbeat, it’s like a beautiful contradiction between what the song sounds like and what the song is saying. I absolutely loved the electric guitar solo towards the end of the song, it really complimented the entire song and was a bold choice. 

All in all, Bel-la is surely going to have the spotlight on her with this new single, she has a fresh new sound and something new to offer to the scene, bravo Bel-la!