Finding a human who will love you without conditions is rare, but pets? They’re experts when it comes to that. Clay Joule adopted the idea of supporting the adoption of stray animals and made a one-of-a-kind love song, titled “Nothing Like Loving You.”

In the music industry, not all musicians care to support a cause and use their voice for a better impact, but even those who do discuss the same social, political, environmental, etc. issues, which is good, for sure, but the New Jersey-based singer-songwriter, Clay Joule, goes for what beyond that and more noble, which is supporting a cause for those who can’t demand anything? the helpless creatures that deserve to live, be taken care of, and be showered with love.

“Nothing Like Loving You” is made with love and bursts with love. It illustrates the endearing bond between a pet and his owner, supporting the humane movement #PetAdoptionRocks.

Musically, the song cares about spreading the amiable, warm sentiments that a pet offers through every instrument and the entire easygoing composition. Kicking off with delightful banjo playing that continues throughout the song to present a glamorous melody. With the bassline and drumming, things get more upbeat, making the listening experience lighthearted with the folk/rock fusion.

The lyrics portray the pets, especially dogs, as having limitless devotion and unfeigned, unconditional love. It’s creative and more engaging to write it from the pet’s perspective, giving them the voice they need. The graceful, velvety vocals convey intimacy in the lyrics and vitality in the instrumentation.

If you’ve never had a dog, the nostalgic, bright music video will show you how they can impact your life; if you have, it will give you a vintage vibe for your own memories with them. This song is made to make a change, so I hope after seeing the video it moves you enough to help a powerless creature and enjoy being blessed with their joyous existence in your life.