Did you know it’s been since 1989? Did you know it was formulated to be a rap song? Did you know that her birth was written on July 25, 2022, and not before that? This is the song “Nothing” by American musician Clay Joule, which we will learn about in the following lines.

“Nothing” is 30 years old but can be considered a new song that has survived the struggle with time.

This song comes from rap music but has gone through a different manufacturing process to offer something special, in it, you will find guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard, to give you this new blend of a flavor that belongs to Clay Joule.

We can’t say that Joule couldn’t get rid of the rhythm of rap, because the song was originally made by him, but he managed to find a way to replace the rap music with light vocals that will make you feel a slight change in the rhythm and performance, there is also a touch of reggae mixed with the guitar coming strongly from the music Blues, some arrangements that create the balance we know about Joule.

Still listening to the music in “Nothing”, as we move the melody into the flow of instruments we’ll find the sound of a drum coming from country music making choppy rhythms and fun turns, interspersed with layers of sharp guitars that keep swinging the length of the song with sonic lines from the hidden keyboard, all This creates a sweet atmosphere that makes you sing along with Joule on your own in this constant flow.

“Nothingness is not a vacuum, but rather an infinitely wide range of possibilities that may be explored.” Usually, the lyrics carry an important message that needs some time to listen to and understand. Joule presents in his song “Nothing” an open and appropriate message to the next generation of Creative visionaries, who made their way into the modern music world, to get rid of the bad habits of modern music and learn the true meaning of music. The earnest wisdom that Joule offers from experience enables him to point out where creativity thrives.

“Nothing” is a song that is set up simply as easy as abstaining, with a musical and poetic depth that we have to think about more than once, because we’re in front of a real Clay Joule creativity that we want more and more from.