Because they invented, developed and delivered to you the essence of ROCK! They definitely deserve it respectively. 

1. Jimmy Page

The rock icon and record producer has received it from Berklee College Of Music last year in 2014. Mainly for his huge career represented by the development for rock music and extraordinary recording techniques since the 60s up until now.

2. Tony Iommi

No introduction needed! The guitar master received it in 2013 for the “Mass contribution to heavy metal” as he got the honorary degree from Coventry University to become the first heavy metal music professor on Earth. Frankly, he deserves it for sure. Thank you, Tony!

3. Jeff Beck

The legendary guitarist received it from University of Sussex for his career in 2011. While the ceremony Beck told graduates “If you dream of something you really like to do then I suggest you follow it. Exactly! You dreamed and you’ve got rock legend!


4. Bruce Dickinson

Another metal prof! He graduated from Queen Mary in 1979. It was mentioned that most of his life was spent rehearsing with his band there. Dr. Bruce got his certificate in 2011 to become the second Heavy Metal Prof. No, wait, he’s actually the first metal professor, Tonny Iommi came second.

5. B.B. King
Because, he is the KING! The huge influence for several rock stars has received two honorary degrees, one in 1985 from Berklee College of Music and in 2007 by Brown University.

6. Sting
Since the late 60s and he is ROCKIN’ our lives! He got two honorary degrees from Northumbria University in 1992 and Berklee College of Music two years later.

7. David Gilmour
You absolutely expected the name in this list, didn’t you?! Gilmour received his honorary degree from Angila Ruskin University in 2009.

8. Quincy Jones

Jones got many degrees for music, production, and many more. Starting with 1997 in Harvard Universty, going to 2008 from Princeton University and at last in 2015 from Royal Academy of Music of University of London.

Leading image: Nora Kamal

Edited by: NJ Bakr