Part 1 of this list mentions notable musicians that have received their honorary doctorate. I found more! This list contains more musicians, that I would like you to know that they already received honorary degree. Let’s discover!

The Eagles

The band received their honorary degree from Berklee in 2012 for their work over the past 4 decades as they have sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, with five No. 1 singles, six Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, and six No. 1 albums.

Elvis Costello

New England Conservatory handed him an honorary degree in 2013. Costello is known for his work with Paul McCartney, The Roots, The New Basement Tapes, The Strokes and his remarkable wife, Diana Krall.

Bob Dylan

The legendary folk rock artist received his honorary degree in 1970 from Princeton University. Dylan is a well-known musician, a songwriter and a poet as his legacy started since the late 50s till now.

Bonnie Raitt

The American blues singer received her honorary degree in 1992 from Berklee. The artist is well-known by strong voice and stage charisma as well as the immortal discography for sure.

David Bowie

In 1999, he received an honorary degree from Berklee.

Chick Corea

The legendary artist is known by his remarkable work with Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, Al Di Meola, Bela Fleck, Steve Gadd among others. For his works, Corea has received his honorary degree from Berklee in 1997.

Pat Metheny

Metheny is one of artists that was recognized by his guitar playing. He has received in 1996 the honorary degree from Berklee.

The Edge

U2’s well-known guitarist received his degree in 2007. The Edge is known by his remarkable playing and guitar unique effects.

Steve Vai

I believe that was an expected name, right? One of the guitar techniques and style of playing developers; that’s why Berklee gave his honorary degree in 2000.

Written by: Mena Ezzat
Edited by: NJ Bakr