Full of colors, ‘Not Today’ is Urban Walrus’s latest rock single. Melodic and punchy, with riffs and acoustic guitars, ‘Not Today’ is a song that’s simple on the outside, but surprisingly deep once you start paying a little more attention.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Urban Walrus is masterminded by Fabian Korber, a singer and songwriter and a self-proclaimed indie-garbage-rock-poet who just emerged from a 6-month long tour of New York, Amsterdam, and Zurich, finding enough time just to hit the studio to record his latest single.

The song is a moderate-tempo alternative rock that has cues similar to the music of No Doubt or REM. The 90s influence shows up in the very tangible and emotionally rich melody and the seamless blend of electrified rock atmospheres with gentle acoustic guitar strums. The results are a nostalgic sound, an earworm of a hook, an anthemic feel, and a massive replay potential.

Fabian Korber’s Urban Walrus provides music that’s generally very easy to enjoy. From his witty lyrics and smart arrangement choices, ‘Not Today’ is an active song that’s dynamic and with a deep groove, punchy production, and an easy-going composition.