There’s no better feeling than listening to a song that puts you and the artist on the same emotional level and that’s what happened with Band W/O Band’s “Not OK!”. Band W/O Band is a solo project by Hamburg based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marc who’s been playing since he was in school and never stopped his music pursuit. Marc made some really good calls in this song, starting with the heavy guitar tone and choosing slow sludgy riffs that matched the deep vocals and heavy emotions, and the solo was on point in terms of mood and structure. I loved the raw intro with that simple yet effective guitar melody and that pause before the verse built a lot of anticipation. Marc’s vocal style is one of his good calls, those expressive vocals filled with dynamic changes kept that song alive, gave it depth, and made the lyrics almost touchable. The drumline is one of the song’s key elements, it’s pretty dynamic and engaging and played a major role in keeping the flow steady and heavy. 

“Not OK!” is a deeply emotional trip by Band W/O Band, it shows clearly how can you create a heavy yet full of feelings song through dropped and slow riffs and meaningful from the heart lyrics. Honestly, I enjoyed listening and reviewing “Not OK!” and I’m hooked already on Marc’s music and will be keeping an eye on Band W/O Band. Cheers!