In relationships, sometimes one is sure about their feelings and the other is scared. But what if both are running away from love? It’s like they are both dodging Cupid’s arrows. Heavy on the Heart.’s “Not Now, Love” depicts this scene with their energetic Rock style and charismatic performance.

“Not Now, Love” is the Long Island-based Alt-Rock band’s sophomore single. Their first single, “Mr. Know It All,” was a remarkable kick-start and a great introduction to their sound and style. I still listen to it, since I wrote about it in May. I even sometimes catch myself singing out of nowhere, “You’re talking again and again, Mr. know it all. You’re talking again and again.” So before I introduce you to their new song, this is a warning: these guys are addictive!

This time, we’re facing a different kind of romantic dilemma. The band, consisting of Nikki Brady (Vocals), Costas Themistocleous (Guitar), Nick Kolokathis (Drums), and Andrew Nicolae (Bass), had done their best to tell the story of two people with a strong connection, yet they’re running away from each other and from love.

The band’s storytelling is smooth, and their delivery is highly engaging. Right from the start, you find yourself in the middle of the couple’s conversation. Surely, there’s no better way to know the story than hearing it through Nikki’s powerful, charming vocals. Her vocals gather strength and sweetness in a perfect mix. She delivers the rejecting love attitude with ease, making the listener ready to accept the rejection if it’s coming from such a ravishing vocal line.

The vocals surely stand out. However, what complements the single’s energy is the flaming instrumental. Each element is in the right place to offer the desired atmosphere. You’ll simply enjoy almost four minutes of fine Rock. The guitar riffs are mesmerizing; they’ll stick in your head for a while. The bassline is spicy enough to give “Not Now, Love” energy. The solid drumming has a notable presence that makes the entire ambiance more bombastic.

To cut it short, if you’re a Rock fan, this band is a gem for you. Also, if you find yourself in a position where you have to escape a real connection, you’ll relate to “Not Now, Love” below.