Jordan Shields

Australian singer/songwriter T.Lopea drops his 1st single “Not Me” off his upcoming debut EP “International Man of Mystique”, mixed and produced by Daniel Natoli at KILN in St. Peters, Sydney and mastered by Mike Marsh in London, England (Two Door Cinema Club, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian) “Not Me” will turn you into one of T.Lopea’s fans and I’m gonna tell you why right now.

With mixed punk/garage rock influences and lots of character “Not Me” kicks in, it has a remarkable energetic rocking intro, the verse is pretty interesting with the way he mixes drums, bass, guitars and that bell sound through his cool fun vocal delivery. T.Lopea has a good sense of hooks and catchy effects and you can hear this clearly with the effects he’s thrown around throughout the song and the simple catchy bridge and chorus with their unmistakable eargasmic bass and guitar melody. The song’s dynamics is perfect and I loved how it builds up smoothly towards the end where all melodies and instruments mash up preparing for an outro that made me play it again and again.

What I loved the most about “Not Me” is that it shows that T.Lopea is not afraid to do what he likes the way he likes it and what’s more important is I can clearly hear that he enjoys what he’s doing. He succeeded in creating a fun engaging mood that’ll make you connect to him and the song and for me, I’m already hooked and waiting for the EP to drop. Looking forward for more, cheers!

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