Raspy and rowdy rock tendencies are making themselves clear on Broken Colours’ latest single titled ‘Not Giving In’. Shock full of charismatic guitar, subliminally subdued, ‘Not Giving In’ is a deceptively nuanced rampage of riffs and attitude.

Based in Buckinghamshire, Broken Colours are a British rock band whose electrifying sound comes reliant on catchy riffs and infectious guitar tones, behind frontman Tony Goff’s confident delivery. Delivering a message of perseverance and standing one’s own ground, the eloquent words by Goff are empowering and timely.

Calling to mind the legendary and underrated The Growlers, Broken Colour’s bring forth an energy that’s raw and to the point. With a stellar groove to back Umar Arar’s scratchy riffs and Goff’s voice, we are presented with a punchy rock number that’s tightly written and performed. Production is also top-notch, just as is the case with all Broken Colours songs. A balanced mix with a roomy sound that comfortably evades the infamous compression trap, ‘Not Giving In’ is an auditory delight.

Excelling on nearly every single level, ‘Not Giving In’ is a supremely enjoyable piece of rock music that’s invigorating and upbeat, in a swaggering kind of way. an easy song to play on repeat and easier still to love.