‘Not Enough’ by Repeat is the perfect example of gentleman punk. The hardcore punk roots that ooze all over the just-under-2-minute runtime of the song make for one exhilarating experience that’s intense, intimidating, and invigorating.

An acclaimed three-piece outfit hailing from the Swedish capital Stockholm, Repeat describe their own sound as explosive and guitar-driven, two descriptions that perfectly encapsulate ‘Not Enough’. Hot off the tail of their acclaimed 2023 self-titled debut, Repeat are busy preparing to release Rat Race, their sophomore record, later this year, and in support of it they gave us ‘Not Enough’.

A burst of activity, the song ends almost as soon as it starts, in a flurry of aggressive riffing and blistering beats. The group vocals are rich with ominous charisma and the deep-sounding production makes everything seem darker, and it helps that the riffs are loaded with the intensity of the Phrygian mode, making them sound evil and unfamiliar. The rhythm section provides an assault on the senses with its menacing high tempo and loose precision in the delivery, both hallmarks of capable musicians at the helm of the ship.

Fans of punk will rejoice at the rawness that Repeat consistently deliver with their songs. A band of skilled veterans having an amazing time, bringing mayhem with their riffs and grooves. We can hardly get enough of ‘Not Enough’.