Bob Sala

German band Deltawelle‘s latest single “Normalitätsvermessung” is the second release from their upcoming EP, and that mouthful title roughly translates to “Normality Measurement”. From a genre standpoint, the song sounds like 80s synthpop, new-wave, and post-punk/early prototype goth rock. I found the vocal hooks in the middle to be the most impressive thing (aside from the electrifying basslines of course). The verses give the bass and drums a chance to shine and shine they really do – you’ll literally feel like you’re in a 21st Century version of a 1980s goth club. Except the club is German, the music has fresh modern elements of dark electronica, and the vocals are sung in forward placement and have an overall pop/rock manner to them. Speaking of the vocals, they are warm and well-spaced during the verses, then they bring more grit and attitude during the pre-chorus. I’m pretty sure you’ll have the phrase “Ich hab Zeit, Ich hab Zeit” stuck in your head and on your tongue for days, even if you’re not a German speaker. All in all, the track has the jiggly dancy grooves of The Sisters Of Mercy, the rock-ish song structure of Joy Division, but most importantly a distinctive style made way to by the band’s vocals and their clear and raw production. Deltawelle are set to make a big name for themselves when the upcoming EP comes out next year.