Although I am not into long-named album titles still, I loved their indie flavor for sure. The band includes passionate and dedicated musicians and they are Nick Dorsey, Will Pasternak, Ryan Scott, and Drew Danburry who were able in a three-day recording session with Jen Jones at June Audio to with 28 songs outcome. Well, when you dig deeper in their 13-tracks album you can find the simplisty as well as originatlty they pour with every riff. I really like how they are using some retro elements within their songwriting but keeping it in a modern frame. You may say that many bands are doing this, yeah, still, their variations are pretty cool, and I noticed they kept the concept of short and sweet for each track which many bands try to make songs a bit longer which they face troubles with their song structures, but this isn’t the case here, because the band was capable to deliver a tight rock harmony that rare to find in any other record in 2021 so far. Well done, guys! Support the band on Patreon and Bandcamp

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Mena Ezzat