A melancholic, masterful, tasty groove with a plethora of rich meanings, and intricate musicalities within. 

Arn-identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends is a greatly named collective hailing from Sweden’s gorgeous Stockholm. They are also darlings of us, we can’t get enough of their music, and for very good reason.

The band has an amazingly focused and direct sound. No Sweet Dreams is a melancholic song with a very vintage tinge that’s been recreated with a loving hand and an appreciating ear. With co-production from the talented Myhr of the Merrymakers, No Sweet Dreams is intricate. A grooving drum acts as a steady, rock-solid skeleton to the rest of the arrangement. Moving and dynamic, the drum part is as much a part of the composition as any other element of the song. Another definite highlight is the wailing, atmosphere-dominating string arrangement, whose sole presence lends this piece most of its deep-lying melancholia. Gorgeously written, No Sweet Dreams is a song that sounds simple enough on paper, but the nuanced guitar riffing that’s artistically pushed to the background, the solid, consistent bass, the whistles, the delicate piano chords, are all things that point suspecting fingers at an amazingly talented outfit of focused musicians.

No Sweet Dreams is endless, compelling fun, despite the skeletal vibes, and all the sadness. A song that carries beautifully from rich, classic sounds, and maintains a mood that’s very fresh and unique, from a band who has an enviable name. No Sweet Dreams is almost perfect in my humble opinion.