LA singer and songwriter Edie Yvonne wraps up her pretty awesome 2023 with her 10th single…and this time, it’s a cover that is excellent on two fronts, being an excellent reimagination…and the choice of the cover itself, it’s for Blind Melon’s “No Rain”…Edie nailed this one.

First of all, Edie has already had a pretty amazing year and she’s just getting started…at 15 years old, she’s already created a solid musical charisma and presence…and now, working with producer Douglas Boehm for the “No Rain” cover.

The original song has a somewhat upbeat nature and gets pretty wild near the end of its runtime with some unleashed rock guitar solos…what Edie does is take this energy and slows it down, going for a more somber and melancholic direction.

Edie’s vocals are ear candy, with every lyric she performs you’re treated to some of the most charismatic vocals you’ll get to experience this year…Edie’s performance is full of emotions to the brim, both an excellent singer and an amazing performer.

The cover doesn’t change the music but drastically changes the vibe and energy completely, the cover’s dramatic and slowed-down version is absolutely mesmerizing and instantly hooking.

We wish Edie all the best, may 2024 be an even more epic year for her.