The collaborative was established in 2017 and have been releasing fantastic music ever since, including their most recent release “No One Needs To Cry,” which is part of the “Tell Me A Story” album, which is set to be released in spring 2022.

The single gives warm sensations and feels like the light that can shine bright and penetrate a broken heart and put its pieces together. Every single detail in the song gives the described feeling; the melody, lyrics, and vocals all work together to create a piece that reaches your heart and soul. The soft rock with country vibes gives a soothing feeling with the guitars and keyboards. That musical style reminded me of Bob Dylan, and it’s delightful to hear old-school soul revived in today’s tunes. The lyrical honesty makes you sympathise with the person who has experienced heartbreak yet admiring his courage to cling to the relationship and willingness to try again. You won’t feel the honesty of the lyrics without an honest vocal performing with passion. Enter Terry, with his natural, warm, sincere vocals that feel like patting your shattered heart.

Wipe your tears, no need to cry. In the single below, Terry K 3TL inspires you to take a leap of faith, to trust anew, and to hope.

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