Darcy Beck

“No More” is not an ordinary song that you can casually listen to or put on your playlist like any other track, but rather a piece of art that made me remember the Irish rock group The Cranberries in their ’90s song “zombie.”

From guitar, piano, and drums, Nick La Riviere and the Best Laid Plans created a serious ambiance of Funk that fits nicely in their song “No More,” which is part of their upcoming “Say No More” album in July 2022.

Powerful beats with short, balanced musical phrases from the drums, to the rhythm of the earnest piano keys that send signals of anxiety and warning along the track, are joined by the bass guitar, all in a matter of seconds before the vocalist begins to sing and chant only one sentence, “No More,” continues The waves of the machines are falling until we are surprised by the sound of the wind instrument, which did not calm down until the end of the track, while it was at the peak of its brilliance.

The lyrics of “No More” have a lot of realism to shock you; direct in their directions and very strict, and the scenes that I drew are devoid of any description and carry a lot of pain reflected in the singer’s voice. It discusses the issue of bearing arms and being killed and the transformation of society into an unsafe place due to the proliferation of weapons and eventually makes you sing “No More” with them and call for change.

Musical and poetic signals from Nick La Riviere and the Best Laid Plans to policymakers and officials to stand up seriously and prevent all crimes that threaten security, reduce the bearing of arms, and create true freedom based on change.

Believe me, if I told you if you listen to the track “No More” wherever your country is, your tears will fall from its force, or your eyes will be fixed on the scenes of the video clip, and your mind will be affected by all this expression..so be careful while listening to this track because it will impress you.