With heavy riffing, multiple vocal deliveries, and unexpected structure, the San Diego-based artist Agent Envy crafted her latest single No Friend. Released on the 9th of December, it looks like Envy is determined to make her own way and sound in the world of rock with No Friend, let me tell you more about it.

No Friend’s groovy, filled-with-anticipation intro promises a heavily dynamic progression, and man that’s exactly what Agent Envy delivered. Agent Envy’s use of atmospheric effects was really cool, she managed to add an interesting texture and depth to her music, while her diverse delivery and wide vocal range kept things interesting, and made me wonder where she’ll go next at every turn. No Friend has a badass progression, as it goes smoothly with confident steady steps and perfect dynamics from that subtly heavy verse into a heavier and more energetic sound as it moves forward, showing us a glimpse of Agent Envy’s diverse influences and directions she can go, all in smooth clever songwriting with each riff, solo, and melody in its place with a super interesting structure that’ll make you play it over and over again. 

I believe No Friend is just a demo of what Agent Envy is capable of, its writing and structural arrangement show Envy’s well knowledge of her sound and the direction she wants to go, as she mixes her influences cleverly and carefully to keep her vision clear and alive. Looking forward to more from Agent Envy, definitely keeping an eye on her, cheers!