If you looked up “the 60s” in someone’s dictionary, you’ll see 2 pictures beside it (probably not, but you will get the idea)…a picture of Richard Nixon, the 37th American president…and a picture of Charles Manson, the famous psychopath, rapist, racist, drug abuser, dealer, and cult leader.

These are 2 extremes to behold.

…however, they do have a couple of things that ties them together…
…both lived in the 60s
…both were American
…both played music…what?

Yes! President Nixon played the piano and Manson could sing and play the guitar.

…and last but not least, both are in the title of Cosmopolis’ new single “Nixon-Manson”.

Let me just start by saying that Cosmopolis is not tied to a country, it is 3 guys, all over the world, not just exploring the world, but also exploring emotions through music-making.

Gavin Kendall, Nicholas Platten, and David Hussey… are the brains and talents behind Cosmopolis, and behind the new single “Nixon-Manson”.

The song is cinematic, ambient, political, darkwave, rock…what I want to say is that it transcends the concept of a simple song, it is a chronicle of a very important time in human history, the 60s.

A time when there was a very polarizing theme going on with the world.

…let’s try to break it down

The lyrics are very mysterious, yet, if you know what they’re talking about, it will give you chills.
…I don’t want to spoil the fun, but it talks about the Manson Family Incident…can’t say anymore.

Dark, atmospheric with drum beats…the music elevates the experience and acts as the driving force of a movie soundtrack to the story that is being told with the lyrics.

Simple yet effective guitar lines, with drums beats and atmospheric pads, and a lot of synth/pad layers, drive the song forward through time.

Taking us on a journey through the 60s and the hell it raised.

Also, I don’t want to spoil the fun (again!) but the intro of the track is like a movie, literally, takes you back to Vietnam…it’s like flashes of memory and trauma…or maybe a bad dream…

The production is top-notch, looks like Cosmopolis is the kind of artist that gives 120% to craft musical-storytelling opuses!

We wish them all the best in the world, they deserve it and a little more. Can’t wait to hear what you’re masterfully crafting next.


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