Ana Binks

As they switch to a newer and heavier sound, alternative punk rockers Fleas decided to release a reissue of their song Nightmare, one of their fans’ favourites in order to unleash this sound and give the listener a taste of their live energy. Recorded at the ADC theatre in Cambridge, Nightmare is going to make you go online and get a ticket to Fleas next show! Let me tell you more about it.

Fleas demonstrated their raw emotional sound right from Nightmare’s beginning. They lead us through a smooth yet powerful sound progression as Nightmare moves on, with an extremely expressive vocal delivery and slow, heavy, heart-hitting groove they managed to captivate their listeners in a hypnotizing state that unites both the band and their fans. Fleas created a dynamic structure that only gets stronger and harder, they keep on pushing their sound boundaries and exploring new darker, and deeply emotional territories. The guitar tone is raw and heavy while being warm and inviting at the same time in a strange, intimidating mix that makes you want those melodies to keep on going forever, while the drums and bass created a powerful dense groove that had me heavily headbanging.

This is simply an on-point reissue by Fleas, the guys wanted to replicate their live stage energy, and man, I can clearly picture them on a dark dimmed stage while listening to this. It shows their character and well knowledge of their sound and direction. I’ll be looking forward to more from Fleas, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!